Vultr VPS Free Credit

Vultr free credit

Vultr, one of the best and cheapest VPS (Virtual Private Server) provider and it’s widely used for personal websites and blogs. Like me, most of the beginners will go with Vultr for a low budget high end hosting.

Vultr offering 100% SSD storage and you can deploy your virtual server under 60 seconds. Vultr data centers are available in 15 cities. So no worry about reliability.

Vultr offering a wide range of plans under 3 different categories. which are VC2(Virtual Cloud Compute), Block Storage and Dedicated Instances.

Virtual Cloud Compute

For personal and small company needs you can go with VC2. The VC2 plans start at 2.5$/month and it gives 512MB RAM, 1 virtual CPU, 20GB SSD, and 500GB bandwidth. It is really helpful for beginners. And the high-end plan priced at 320$/month gives you 64GB RAM, 16 Virtual CPU’s, 400GB SSD, and 10TB bandwidth.

Block Storage

In case if you need an extra space for your Droplet, instead of adding a new one you can add a Block Storage to your existing Droplet. The plan ranges from 1$ to 1,000$ and it gives you 10GB to 10,000GB respectively.

Dedicated Instances

For Big Enterprises, Vultr is offering Dedicated Instances with high memory and CPU. Currently, Vultr offering 4 plans ranging from 60$ to 240$.

Bitcoin Payment

One of the interesting thing about Vultr is, it comes with Bitcoin payment method.

Without proper understanding, creating or migrating your machines in Vultr is not practical. You should understand the basics of Vultr interface.

How to get free Vultr credit.

To get free credit, You need to complete your Vultr account verification by adding your personal information and payment method.

Once everything done, Vultr will automatically show one pop up mentioning about the free credit in your account dashboard. Check the below screenshot for reference.

Or click here to directly access the free credit page. To get the free credit you suppose to do some small tasks.

You will get 3$ free credit for doing these tasks.

  • Verify your Twitter account and receive $1 in credit
  • Follow @Vultr on Twitter and receive $1 in credit!
  • Tweet about Vultr and receive $1 in credit!

That’s it, once everything done you can able to see your free credit in your account. Now you can create your own machines for your testing and production using this free credit.

Also, Vultr having an affiliate program to earn few more bucks. you can earn 10$ for every new unique paid user you refer.

Click here to create your Vultr account

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