Cryptocurrency Boom! Where Are We Heading?

Don’t be amazed if the Bitcoin becomes out of your reach. The pace with which these new currencies are seeding in, is pointing towards the beginning of a new crypto era. Bitcoin has become a hot topic which is now everyone’s talk.

The rise observed in last 3 days is near to a lac per day. Whereas Altcoins are nowhere near to this, instead they all are operating in redmark. And why not, all are focused on hunting down the big elephant. This sudden hype created in the market is bringing a lot of transactions in BTC, which is ultimately leading to rise and rise. Bitcoin became the leading cryptocurrency, leaving behind its competitors to nowhere near it. This has become the new favourite among the folks seeking instant returns.

Many finance gurus are coming forward with their guess works to predict the future of BTC, but none of them can be believed. Because BTC is like “Master of his own wish”. It decides it’s own future where it wants to head. Miners are also engaging in to make it leap forward. But still its far from the Bubble. Days are not far when Bitcoin will be listed on the leading Stock Exchanges in the world. At that time it may shoot up like a rocket.

Here ‘s a question, will a currency derived from a reward for solving complex algorithm can take over everything? Who knows, what will be its limit and where it will stop. Lets hope this is a starting and its just a sapling which may soon grow up to a giant tree, with the love and care it is receiving now from the common investors! 😉



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