Enable Split Screen Into All Apps In MIUI9

Xiaomi has recently released the latest stable version of its custom ROM MIUI9. MIUI9 is one of the most awaited and the best custom ROM available on the market.

According to Xiaomi, MIUI9 is as faster as the stock android. We have also got the update for our Redmi Note 4 and coming days most of the Xiaomi phones will get the latest update.

The MIUI9 is a little bit faster than MIUI8 and the stock apps are loading very fast as in stock android.

The MIUI9 comes with a lot of new features and the most highlighted one is the Split Screen. You can use the split screen feature from the recent tab section.

But the main problem which I faced was, I’m not able to do split screen into all apps. It’s not compatible with some third-party apps and stock apps.

Here is a solution to fix this issue. First of all, you need turn on Developer Mode on your xiaomi phone which had the latest MIUI9 stable ROM.

How to turn on Developer Mode?

Just go to settings and scroll to the bottom and hit on the ‘About Phone’. There you can find the MIUI Version tab. You just continuously click 7 times one MIUI version to enable Developer mode.

How to enable split screen into all apps?

After enabling the Developer mode go to ‘Additional Settings’ under ‘System & Device’ Settings. Open Developer options under Additional settings and Scroll all the way to the bottom. There you will find “Force activities to be re-sizable” option. Enable that option and restart your phone.

If you did everything correctly then you could have able to open all the applications in the split-screen mode. If you are facing any issue, let me know by commenting right here.

Gokul Gopan
Gokul Gopan
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