How To Schedule Meeting Using Ahoy.Ai

Being busy persons it’s annoying for us to find a common time to meet with other people. Sending emails to everyone and confirming the meeting schedules consumes a lot of our time. To solve the problem we could use Ahoy.Ai.

Ahoy.Ai is an autonomous meeting scheduler that finds the perfect to meet with just one email. To schedule a meeting we just need to mail by keeping [email protected] in CC. From there will take care of the rest and finally gives us the perfect meeting time suited for everyone.

Using of Ahoy.Ai:

Login/register to Ahoy.Ai. Upon that we will receive a mail showing the login link, from there we will be taken to a page showing our previous meeting (if any).Here we can schedule our new meeting.

Send mail to the participants about the meeting by keeping [email protected] in CC.

Ahoy.Ai then requests everyone’s availability and find the perfect time for the meeting.

Once it finds the time, Ahoy.Ai automatically send an email notifying about the scheduled meeting and syncs the event directly to our calendar.

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