Why Telegram is Best

Telegram is an emerging messenger application in worldwide, here we are explaining why telegram is best and some of the unique features of telegram over the other messenger applications.

Groups up to 10K members

This is the one of the important features of Telegram, we can create a group with 10K members!!! This is huge when we compare with other instant messengers. Whereas in WhatsApp it is just 256.

Channels with no limits

Many broadcasting channels under different category like films, news, technology etc.. are available in Telegram. This is the major reason why I am using Telegram. It is very easy to create, join and manage Telegram channels. We can join to the channel using telegram link or simply search the name.  There are two type of channels are available, public and private. Public channel can be found in search and any one can join, But Private channel can only be joined via invite link. You can find a lot of popular channels by googling.

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Send files of any type and size

We can send any type of files through Telegram without any size limit. That means you can share a whole movie to a contact or group or broadcasting channel. One of the beauty of telegram is we can forward any files without downloading it (not possible in WhatsApp).

Cloud storage support.

Telegram providing a cloud storage support for every user, you can upload any files without size limit.

Able to customize API

Telegram has an open API and protocol free for everyone. If you have little programming knowledge you can customize API with your choice.

Let access your messages from multiple devices

It allow us to access our messages from multiple device at a time.

Other Important features

  • Various Bot assistance
  • Send message with timer.
  • Telegram servers are spread worldwide for security and speed.
  • Telegram is free forever. No ads. No subscription fees.
  • Telegram messages are heavily encrypted
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Download and experience the rich features of Telegram.


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