How to Prevent a Mobile Blast

Living without a smartphone is literally impossible nowadays. We all love our smartphone more than our girlfriend. Like your girlfriend, sometimes your smartphone also troubles you.

One of the main problems almost all of you might have faced is the overheating issue. Sometimes it may even lead to a blast and cause injuries. So in this article, we are discussing how to protect your smartphone from overheating and thus avoid a blast.

How to Prevent a Mobile Blast?

If your handset is repeatedly overheating then it’s advisable to hand it to experts or make a visit to the service center. In another case, if your mobile is overheating occasionally then you can take certain steps to avoid it.

Avoid using the phone in direct sunlight as it is terrible for the phone and it may heat up instantly. Also, turn off all the unused apps on your phone as the apps take up extra background usage and end up heating your phone. It’s better either you level up the brightness right or better buy an anti-glare screen. Because high brightness overheats the phone and sucks up the battery at the same time. If its overheating just switch off the phone for a few minutes and let the phone cool down.

Mobile has become an inevitable part of our life. But that does not mean you have to risk your life for a phone. It’s seen that at times these mobile phones are becoming a risk to your own life. This should be avoided. A number of worst mobile blast accidents have been reported in the past. It’s high time we took up preventive measures. Don’t take these incidents lightly. It can happen anywhere and you cannot predict its intensity too. So here are a few precautions you should follow in order to prevent a cell phone blast.

Never replace your phone battery with a fake one. You can find dozens of cheap alternatives available in the market, but it’s always better to spend a few more bucks for the original one than risking your own precious life. Prevention is better than cure, right?

Always use the original charger. Fake chargers charge the battery with varying voltages and cause an imbalance which leads to blasts. So it’s always advisable to use your own phone charger than using different chargers.

Most of us have the habit of charging our phone overnight but it is not recommendable. Though smartphone makers say it is safe better avoid it. Blasts can happen because of this. A highly accepted reason behind almost all the blasts is talking on the phone while charging it. Almost all of us have done this at least once. But this is highly dangerous as this attracts higher frequencies and causes explosions.

One more thing that you have to keep in mind is that – never charge a wet phone. As you all know, water and electricity together won’t give good results. Never ever!!

We assure you that mobile blasts will never be repeated if you follow 3 simple steps:


Stay Safe!

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