Facts You Need To Know About Jio Feature Phone

Reliance Jio is all way back to cause a major disruption in feature phone market after its huge disruption in Telecom industry.

There are 78 crore mobile phones in India. In this, there are more than 50 crore feature phone users, who have been left out. Now Jio comes up with a sizzling plan for them and here we discuss the facts about Jio phone.

Get a Jio phone for an effective price of Rs.0/-

Get a Jio phone absolutely free. All you have to do is pay a refundable amount of Rs.1500 and get all new Jio phone. This refundable amount will get back to you with just a 36 months time.

Monthly perks of free voice, free data, free SMS

Users of this phone will get a free voice, free data and free SMS per month. The per month usage charge is just 153. Pay 153 and enjoy the benefits for a whole month.

September 1st- The Big Day

The testing will begin from August 15th and opens your freedom to disruptive connection and communication. Prebooking will most probably start from August 24th. If all goes fine handsets would be delivered from September 1st, on first come first go basis.

India ka Smartphone

Jio phone will support 22 languages. More over it would be fully VoLTE based. What else would you call this phone other than “India ka Smartphone”.

Connect your phone to TV

Connecting your phone to TV and stream things in a bigger screen is no longer a dream with Jio phone. A plan of 309 per month will make this possible. This plan will enable connecting the phone to the TV, so that the user can watch the content streamed via Jio phone on the TV, directly. Bigger the screen more the entertainment right? But the plan is smaller which makes the plan pretty interesting.

Want daily or weekly recharges?

If you like only daily or weekly recharges no worries, Jio has a better plan for you too. Daily recharge of Rs 24 and weekly recharge of Rs 54 is also available for those who don’t wish to opt for monthly plans. Monthly, weekly or daily whichever suits you go for it without any ‘disruption’.

NFC payment

Jio phone will support NFC payment platform too. It is one of the few selected feature phones to have this feature.

All these features make the Jio phone “India ka Smartphone” without any doubt and enable you to connect without any ‘disruption’!!!!

Gokul Gopan
Gokul Gopan
A curious internet enthusiast crafting brands.



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