How to reduce data usage of Facebook app

If someone asks you which app in your smartphone sucks more data, without a second thought you can say it’s our Facebook app. According to my view, it’s taking around 50% of my daily data. Now you might be thinking how?

If you are a daily Facebook user at least once you might have noticed that all the videos are automatically played and also the images are loaded in HD when you are opening the app.

Auto play is a good feature but you are losing your data by playing all those irrelevant videos.  These two are the default settings of FB. I wonder if everyone knows that this setting can be changed according to our usage.

How to change the default settings?

It’s very simple to change your default FB settings and thus save your data. First, you have to open your FB application and click the Menu tab. Keep on scrolling until you find ‘HELP & SETTINGS’. Under that, you can find the option ‘Data Saver’. By clicking this option, it will redirect you to Data Saver settings.

There you can find a toggle button to turn on the Data Saver. Turning on this feature will reduce image size and stop videos from playing automatically thus using fewer data.

You will also find another toggle button to turn off this data saver on Wi-Fi. If you have enabled this feature successfully you will find a yellow bar on the top of your app stating ‘Data Saver on’. If you suddenly want to modify data saver settings you have a ‘settings’ button on the right corner of that yellow bar.

Data Saver feature will become your real SAVIOUR when you open the app sitting in a crowded place and a noisy video was about to pop-up.

Gokul Gopan
Gokul Gopan
A curious internet enthusiast crafting brands.


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